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about Wayneo's Silver Bullet

In 1972, 6 miles south of Hickory, and under the name of Little Vegas a club formed. Bands were featured live on a patio for multitudes of people from all around to come see. After summer ended and winter came around a 6000 sq. ft. facility was built. Most bands featured were Rock, Disco, Country, and Variety bands. A few of the major bands/musicians that played were Kentucky HeadHunters, SteppenWolf, Ronnie McDowell, The Shakers, The Tams, The Drifters. About 10 years later the name switched over to Wayneo's Silver Bullet. Today there are over 6000 members, and 22 non-drinking employees. The club is run in a clean manner and only good, clean fun is tolearated. We usually hire top 40, show, and country bands. WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR GOOD, NEW BANDS. We are only open on Saturdays, except for Thanksgiving ,New Years Eve night and an occassional Friday for National acts.. The club opens up at 7:00 PM and the DJ starts the night out, followed by the band for 2-3 one hour sets. In between each set the DJ plays  dance music. The music never stops! We have bars at which you can get drinks (beer, water, wine coolers, and more) and food. Many come early to come eat Wayneo's famous cheesburger and fries. You are allowed to smoke, drink, and eat in the heated patio out back. If you are over 21 and an american citizen come by and check out the club!

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